Go light on the inside

If, as a manufacturer, you choose aluminium interior walls, you are opting for strength, quality, and cost-efficiency. Aluminium on the inside of a vehicle allows for lighter and more compact walls. With InterLite, you can bring the interior of a caravan or camper up to today's standards, achieving the ultimate combination of innovation and style.


Infinitely recyclable

Non-wood wall

Maximum firmness

With aluminium on both the exterior and interior of a caravan or camper, you gain maximum rigidity. The only material placed between the two aluminium walls is insulation, creating a perfectly tight and lightweight wall. This construction eliminates the need for wood entirely. By using only aluminium and insulation material, wall movement is minimized. This approach, even with a high gloss finish, results in a beautiful and durable outcome.

Strong and light on the inside

Instead of conventional 0.6mm aluminium, with InterLite, it is possible to use 0.5mm for the interior walls of a caravan or camper while maintaining the same mechanical properties. This results in a considerable weight savings: our high-quality alloy, compared to other standard alloys, makes the wall 19% lighter. It’s a sustainable solution for both current and future mobility projects.

Unique in the mobility industry

InterLite is – together with StrongLite – our solution for exterior walls, exclusively developed for Euramax in close cooperation with a supplier we have had strong ties with for decades. It is these types of sustainable relationships that exemplify what we mean by ‘On your side’.

A recyclable wall

The concept of aluminium on the inside and outside offers maximum stability and the highest weight saving. The wall is 100% woodfree and can be produced with a polyurethane foam with the highest insulation value and 100% recyclability.

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The green metal​

Aluminium is the sustainable cladding material for Recreational and Transportation vehicles. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable.

All about InterLite

InterLite sets the new standard for the interior of recreation and transport vehicles. Enjoy the advantages of a lightweight interior without compromising on the torsion resistance offered by wood. Download the InterLite factsheet for all the technical specifications and the complete picture in one overview. Our team of aluminium experts would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of InterLite and how it can be combined with StrongLite in a personal meeting.