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Our products have evolved over the past three decades and are tailored to the needs of the customer. The product platform is built on the basis of a wide range of aluminium alloys in combination with the most advanced coating technologies.

Every product is unique

Low – High

Recycled content

The proportion, by mass, of recycled aluminium in a mill finish coil of aluminium.

Low – High

Weight reduction

Weight loss per square meter versus conventional aluminium or plastics.

Heavy – Light

Performance coating

A type of coating designed to enhance the performance of an aluminium surface in terms of functional performance, surface quality and environmental impact.

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Euramax for Mobility is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cladding material for recreational and transportation vehicles.

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Our motivated team of highly experienced professionals loves to show you what real dedication looks like.

The green metal​

Aluminium is the sustainable cladding material for Recreational and Transportation vehicles. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable.

Your product is our priority

As you may have noticed, we can talk for hours about how our products can make your vehicles lighter and more beautiful. We would love to tell you all about it in a personal meeting, where we zoom in on what the use and application of our products could mean for the performance of your product.