The Green Metal

Aluminium is The Green Metal. And that’s not just a hollow phrase. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable. Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy used to produce primary aluminium – a significant CO2-saving. When considering the full life cycle, the carbon footprint of aluminium is significantly lower than that of Glass Reinforced Plastic.

The way we coat aluminium is considered the most environment-friendly process to apply paint to metal. We use the solvents from the paint to fuel our furnaces. Overall, this makes aluminium the perfect material for a circular economy and as a result sustainable mobility. The Green Metal, and rightly so…

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Attractive aluminium

From the moment the aluminium enters our factory we treat it with the utmost care. The large, shiny aluminium coils are carefully stored – and subsequently await a place in our production line. At Euramax for Mobility, no one simply walks past the aluminium we are working so passionately on every day.

The standard for mobility

Aluminium helps make vehicles lighter than alternative materials. Because of its lightweight nature, recyclability, corrosion resistance, colour retention and ease of fabrication, aluminium is the standard for vehicles. It provides a tight, rigid wall on both the inside and outside of almost any recreational and transport vehicle.

A pleasure to work with

Not only for your people, but also for our professionals, aluminium is a pleasure and safe to work with. It’s easy to handle and process. And you can drill a hole in it without ending up with a cloud of dust. As it shows from our story: At Euramax for Mobility we are quite smitten with aluminium – and especially with the way it eventually gets a beautiful spot in your production process and in your product. We proudly look at the many vehicles that have been driving around for decades with aluminium of Euramax for Mobility.

The best sidewall

The aesthetic values of aluminium are undeniable. This, combined with the material’s rigidity and easy processing, makes it ideally suited for sidewalls and roofs of caravans, motorhomes, or other transport vehicles. Using aluminium on both the inside and outside creates a low weight, strong sidewall. You no longer need wood or other cladding material, thus the sidewall becomes more rigid, tighter, and completely sealed. The most beautiful and durable solution.

Aluminium vs GRP

The choice of material plays a fundamental role in determining the quality of a vehicle’s exterior and interior. Both aluminum and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) have their own unique benefits and qualities, depending on their intended use. When considering the material choice for a side wall or roof, our comparison will hopefully provide greater clarity. Read more.

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Euramax for Mobility is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cladding material for recreational and transportation vehicles.

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Our products

Get to know our wide range of aluminum alloys in combination with the most advanced coating technologies.

All about aluminium

As you may have noticed, we can talk for hours about how we can work with you to make vehicles lighter and more beautiful. We would love to tell you all about it in a personal meeting, where we zoom in on what the use and application of the material could mean for your business (case). And would you like to come and admire those big, shiny aluminium coils and our production line with your own eyes?

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