On your side, for over 50 years now

Euramax for Mobility has been on your side for more than half a century. That spirit of doing it together and always being there for you, thus is deeply embedded into every fibre of our being. We cherish the close relationship we have with our customers, suppliers, and employees. And we embrace the sustainable qualities of aluminium, so that together we work on a green transition of our industry.

On your side every day

Our motivated team of highly experienced professionals loves to show you what real dedication looks like. Driven by our profound knowledge of and love for aluminium, together we are able to guarantee the highest quality. See how our people are on your side. Day in, day out.


On your side means a partnership for your success. We work side by side. Remotely, but also at your premises if the situation calls for it. We speak your language – literally and figuratively. We actively share our knowledge with your people. And know your wishes and needs. Together we go through the entire process, from advice to delivery. We are there when you expect us and whenever you need us.

On your side for OEMs​

We are on your side in all areas. Think of the craftsmanship in our laboratory and quality department where aluminium products are carefully tested. Production is highly involved as well; some operators have been supervising the production process for over thirty years. All of them experts who are on your side with ideas, knowledge, and craftsmanship.

Aluminium is what connects customers and Euramax Mobility and brings us together. The intense collaboration we enter into calls for reliability and high quality. We have been delivering on that promise for over fifty years now and we’ll continue to do so. We are on your side.

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Euramax for Mobility is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cladding material for recreational and transportation vehicles.

The green metal

Aluminium is the sustainable cladding material for Recreational and Transportation vehicles. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable.

Our products

Get to know our wide range of aluminum alloys in combination with the most advanced coating technologies.

Always someone on your side

Are we not on your side yet? We would love to discover in a non-committal, personal conversation how we can shape our partnership plus. One thing is for sure: with us on your side, you are never alone.