Best of both worlds

AluShield combines aluminium with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), resulting in an exceptionally durable material capable of withstanding significant impact. This system effectively safeguards against hail damage and prevents the formation of microcracks. It fortifies the roofs and walls of campers or caravans, maintaining their robustness without compromising the aesthetic appeal and aluminium's inherent advantages.

Best of both worlds

Completely protected

High-end appearance

Completely closable

An important benefit of AluShield is that the roof and wall of a caravan or camper can be completely sealed thanks to the clever composition of materials. While hail damage typically poses a significant risk, AluShield provides unparalleled protection. You don’t have to worry about dents, and there’s no concern about the development of microcracks as you might experience with a GRP roof or wall. Microcracks can allow water to seep in unnoticed, potentially leading to unwanted water damage and the development of unpleasant odors caused by wood rot and mold in the long term.

The strength of aluminium

With AluShield, you achieve solid roofs and extremely strong and robust sidewalls without visible glass fibres. The strength of aluminium is combined with the dent resistance of GRP, resulting in a material that can take a beating while being low-maintenance. AluShield’s proven protective properties also result in lower insurance premiums.

The perfect balance

AluShield offers the perfect balance between robustness and appearance. Contrary to traditional GRP, there is no risk of microcracks. The material can withstand the challenges of being on the road, even in the most demanding circumstances the vehicle stays protected and watertight.

Premium quality for premium vehicles

Whether it involves a high-end caravan, camper, bus, bus or transport vehicle, AluShield has been designed to meet the highest standards. A premium material for premium vehicles. With AluShield you invest in the future of traveling, with the certainty that your vehicle can withstand whatever the road has in store for you.

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