Join us on our path to zero carbon

At Euramax for Mobility, we’re on a mission towards a zero-carbon aluminium industry. As the world increasingly focuses on reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change, we recognize the role we can play in using and selecting materials that align with zero-carbon initiatives.

The Green Metal for a reason

What sets aluminium apart is its remarkable efficiency in recycling, utilizing only five percent of the energy required for primary production. Moreover, aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without any compromise on quality, positioning it as an important material in building a circular economy. Embracing these characteristics will pave the way for aluminium to evolve into a fully circular material, produced solely with renewable energy sources, ultimately achieving Euramax for Mobility’s ambition to supply zero carbon aluminium by 2040. This earns aluminium the title ‘The Green Metal.’

Sustainable material choices

When weighing the environmental impact of materials, aluminium emerges as a clear frontrunner over plastic. With a significantly lower CO2 footprint, aluminium surpasses plastic in sustainability. The full life cycle CO2 emissions of aluminium are roughly 85% lower than those of plastic (see figure 1), mainly because aluminium can be recycled indefinitely in an efficient manner. Plastic, on the other hand poses significant challenges for recycling due to its inherent properties. This presents a serious dilemma for the plastic industry.

If the plastic is incinerated, it will result in additional greenhouse gas emissions. Conversely, there are potential waste issues when plastic is disposed of in landfills or the environment, as seen in highly publicized cases such as abandoned fiberglass boats at sea.

Aluminium: Sustainable solution for a circular economy

As we look ahead to the next decades, aluminium emerges as the perfect material to substainably drive economic growth. By embracing aluminium, we contribute to the establishment of a circular economy, crucial for reducing CO2 emissions. It’s not just about reducing what we’re emitting now but also about producing less in the first place. Why use materials that cannot be reused when we have the option to do so? It’s simply illogical not to.

So, how does this translate into action?

The aluminium industry has historically been energy-intensive, with virgin aluminium production contributing significantly to carbon emissions. However, over the past 15 years, the industry has shifted its focus towards circularity. Many factories across Europe have been revamped to prioritize recycling, a trend that continues to gain momentum, especially in light of recent energy crises. In the coming years, these factories will rely evermore on renewable energy, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Sustainable transition

At Euramax for Mobility, we play a vital role in the sustainable transition. This includes our ambition to shift our coating operations from gas-powered ovens to hydrogen-powered ones, marking a significant step towards reducing our scope 1 carbon footprint. By closely engaging with our customers and supporting their needs, we advocate for the adoption of aluminium as the sustainable material of choice. We meticulously source materials with high percentages of recycled content, ensuring sustainability remains at the forefront of our operations. Our product, StrongLite, exemplifies our dedication to sustainability through its utilization of recycled aluminum content of up to 50%, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 40% compared to plastic. In addition, it concurrently decreases weight by 20% compared to plastic.

On Your Side

When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint, we are On Your Side. In the near future, we aim to offer our customers the option to use low carbon aluminium, a product currently being developed by the London Metal Exchange, to reduce emissions by an additional 30% (see figure 2). Subsequently, we will gradually move to zero emissions aluminium by 2040 (see figure 2). Furthermore, we strive to offer full transparency into our carbon footprint. Providing our customers with emissions reporting on the products purchased, helping them meet their CSRD reporting requirements.

Join us on our path to zero carbon

Together, we can make a difference and build a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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