Craft as a Service

Euramax creates cladding materials for mobility and architectural customers. Cladding materials that meet the highest standards and last a lifetime. Cladding materials created by the proud and loyal craftsmen of Euramax.

Finely tuned experts, working with top notch tools, creating only the best of the best.

Since 1969

We have been doing so since 1969. In that heritage lies the foundation of our quality. Quality that is built on a culture of driven, progressive and curious professionals. It is this culture that has allowed us to build long-term partnerships with our customers.

You could say we have been contemporary since 1969.

Craft as a Service

We do not do this by ourselves. We work side by side with our customers. We understand their business, their needs, their challenges. We are 100% committed to help our customers succeed and get the max out of their potential. To do so, we go beyond the ordinary. Beyond what is expected. It is this agility that allows us to deliver bespoke solutions to whatever challenge our clients’ put before us.

That’s what we call ‘Craft as a Service’. When maximum quality and service are combined with maximum focus and commitment.

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