StrongLite: Aluminium at its lightest

Improve strength and save weight and money with StrongLite, our high-quality alloy. Compared to standard alloys, StrongLite makes for a 19% lighter wall. The sustainable solution for current and future recreational and transport vehicles. Vehicles become more environment-friendly without compromising on wall quality. That way we make a serious difference together.

More strength, less energy

New generation aluminium is strong and light. StrongLite has extra rolling steps and has 40% extra magnesium added to it. That way, the aluminium gets stronger and can be applied even thinner. The result: it makes for a lighter wall and saves weight. Thus you don’t have to compromise on strength!

Strong and light from all angles

Instead of the conventional 0.8 or 0.6 mm aluminium, with StrongLite it’s possible to use 0.7 or even 0.5 mm for the sidewalls of a caravan or motorhome, while maintaining the mechanical values! In addition, StrongLite offers new possibilities for sidewalls and roofs: making them lighter while maintaining the strength of the construction.

Considerably lighter than plastic

StrongLite is considerably lighter when compared to plastic. Add to that a beautiful look and long lifespan and the package is complete. Can you picture that amazing lightweight caravan or motorhome driving around yet? We can! And the great thing is: by saving weight, it needs less petrol or it can drive longer on battery power.

Unique in the mobility industry

StrongLite has been developed exclusively for Euramax for Mobility, in close collaboration with a supplier we have maintained close ties with for forty years now. It’s these type of durable relationships that show what we actually mean with On your side.

How it started

Twenty years ago, ‘our’ Ger walked in at the supplier, now a large family business, and said: “I would completely upgrade this part of that machine,” subsequently to tell them how he pictured it. On the way back to the airport he was asked to return to the owner’s office. There, the owner was waiting for him in a huge meeting room. There was a deafening silence when Ger walked in. The owner of the company spoke: “I heard that you have a vision about improving our production capabilities, can we make this happen together?” Ger explained that at Euramax we need stronger and flat aluminium.

Now, twenty years later, we still regularly visit the company, which now employs thousands of people. When we enter the production facility they’re still saying: this line is here because of our joined vision and illustrates the moment we became a family. This production process has since become increasingly ingenious, making it possible for us to work with this supplier to produce the revolutionary StrongLite aluminium.

We are part of their family, just as we see our customers as part of our family.

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On your side

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The green metal​

Aluminium is the sustainable cladding material for Recreational and Transportation vehicles. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable.

All about StrongLite

Lighter but just as strong, the feature StrongLite excells in. Download our StrongLite brochure for all the technical specifications and to get the complete picture in one overview. Our aluminium experts would love to tell you all about the possibilities that StrongLite could have for you in a personal meeting.