Strong in versatility

StrongCoat is our beautiful and versatile product platform that can be ordered in all alloys. The powerful basis of our product portfolio, with a quality we’ve developed over the past twenty years. The result is a sustainable coating. For a smooth production process and a camper or caravan with a promising future!



Endlessly recyclable

Sustainable and high-quality coating

StrongCoat is available in a wide range of colours and alloys, allowing for embossing and decoration. The coating imparts a beautiful colour depth to the surface, which will maintain its gloss for decades. The coated aluminium is UV and corrosion resistant, scratch-resistant, and flexible. The end result is a caravan or camper that you can proudly bear your brand’s name on. With these quality-coated aluminium walls, you can turn your customers into your brand ambassadors.

On your side with leading paint suppliers

For over twenty years, we have been collaborating with all the major paint suppliers in Europe, such as Beckers, AkzoNobel, PPG Industries, and Sherwin-Williams. Through these partnerships, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in formulating paints for the RV industry.

Coatings with great performance

This ensures that caravans and campers painted two decades ago still look amazing. In addition to the scratch-resistant nature of StrongCoat, the paint also provides protection against UV radiation. As a result, you’ll hardly notice any discoloration, fading, or scratches on the vehicle, even after many decades.

Continuous product improvement

The product engineers are continuously looking for ways to improve product performance in terms of durability, functionality and sustainability. This is done together with the Coating or Metallurgical engineers of one of our partners who have been on our side for many years.

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Our motivated team of highly experienced professionals loves to show you what real dedication looks like.

The green metal​

Aluminium is the sustainable cladding material for Recreational and Transportation vehicles. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable.

All about StrongCoat

With a track record of over twenty years, StrongCoat has been consistently upgraded for sustainability, and its powerful coating proves itself in practice time and time again. Campers, caravans, and various other types of vehicles around the world are equipped with StrongCoat. Download the factsheet for all technical specifications. Our team of coating experts would be delighted to discuss the StrongCoat options, including combinations with our other coatings, in a personal meeting.