Unleash the power of colour on your vehicle

PowerCoat has been designed to transform the exterior of the vehicles you produce. This product platform combines the power of a high-end look and feel with unrivalled scratch resistance, providing stunning aesthetics for a truly remarkable travel experience.

Premium look and feel


Endlessly recyclable

The power of colour

With PowerCoat, it’s all about the power of colour. Our complete colour range of automotive finishes, featuring a striking deep gloss, gives your vehicle a unique look and feel, whether you choose the elegance of metallic paint or a bold, striking colour. PowerCoat adds extra charisma to every vehicle.

Impeccable appearance

Thanks to the protective qualities of PowerCoat, your vehicles maintain their impeccable appearance. Our robust anti-scratch coating ensures that your caravans or motorhomes continue to look like new, even after adventurous trips. PowerCoat has been designed for long-lasting durability, capable of resisting the high levels of UV radiation vehicles are exposed to. As a result, your investment is protected against the test of time.

Ultimate aesthetics

Choose PowerCoat for the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance for your caravans or motorhomes. PowerCoat has been developed to make your vehicles shine wherever they go. Let the power and depth of the colour stand out and elevate travel experiences to a new level.

On your side with leading paint suppliers

For over thirty years, we have been collaborating with leading paint suppliers in Europe, such as Beckers, AkzoNobel, PPG Industries, and Sherwin-Williams. Through these partnerships, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in formulating paints for the RV industry. This ensures that caravans and campers painted three decades ago still look fantastic. Even after all these years, you’ll hardly notice any discoloration, fading, or scratches on the vehicles.

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Get to know our wide range of aluminum alloys in combination with the most advanced coating technologies.

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The green metal​

Aluminium is the sustainable cladding material for Recreational and Transportation vehicles. The lightweight material is infinitely recyclable.

All about PowerCoat

Download the factsheet for all technical specifications and a comprehensive overview. The unique qualities of PowerCoat can be applied to our base coating, StrongCoat. Our team of coating experts would be delighted to discuss the options for using PowerCoat on our aluminium products in a personal meeting.