Our view on aluminium and GRP

The choice of material plays a fundamental role in determining the quality of a vehicle’s exterior and interior. Both aluminum and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) have their own unique benefits and qualities, depending on their intended use. When considering the material choice for a side wall or roof, our comparison will hopefully provide greater clarity. By selecting the right material, you can achieve the desired look, feel, and lifespan for your vehicle.

Aluminium and GRP in one overview

Choosing the right material not only enhances the desired look and feel of your vehicle but also influences its lifespan, aligning with your specific requirements and preferences. Drawing from our years of experience, we have conducted a thorough comparison. When it comes to the side wall and interior wall of a vehicle, we have assessed the performance aspects, summarizing the quality, impact resistance, and processing characteristics of both aluminum and GRP in a convenient overview.

Functional performance

Weight per square meter
UV resistance
Lightning protection
Scratch resistance
Corrosion resistance
Resistance against hail on the roof

Surface quality

Smooth surface
Colour depth
Colour gloss (metallics)
Dirt repellent

Environmental impact

CO2-footprint during the life cycle

Material processing

Easy to process
Healthy to process

Important benefits of aluminium

  • Sustainability: Aluminium is known for its excellent resistance against corrosion and for its colour retention, making it a good choice for vehicles that are exposed to severe conditions.

  • Aesthetics: Aluminium is appreciated for its sleek and contemporary look and feel as well as for its colour and depth; the aesthetic value of the metal is widely acknowledged.

  • Lightweight: Aluminium is a lightweight material, due to which interesting weight savings can be realised.

  • Recyclable: Aluminium is completely recyclable, which suits the sustainable and circular economic approach.

On your side, also when it comes to the choice in material

Both aluminium and GRP have their benefits and fields of application in the world of vehicle design and construction. The choice depends on your priorities and requirements. At Euramax we understand the complexity of this decision and we’re ready to guide you to the best choice for your project.